THRIKA draws its life force from late Shri M.Sreekumar (Sree Guru Shree towards the latter part of his life) who at the end of his 60 year journey as a Journalist, Publisher, Consultant, Astrologer, Author, Healer, Yogi & Guru, realised the need to create a supportive space for energetic self-construction and self-renewal of those with an earnest commitment to self-transformation irrespective of class, caste, creed, gender, age or social standing. He envisioned The Shree Guru Sree Manava Navanirman Foundation of which Shree Jeevanam was one of the four areas of concern – aiming at health, wellness and longevity. THRIKA will have an approach and strategy developed around it aiming at upholding the core values of humanity in its genuine self and also ensuring sustainability and growth through a focused and measurable approach to its operations.

One of the best books ever written in an Indian language on Tantra Shastra. Multilayered work of fiction acclaimed by leading critics in Malayalam literature.

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To be the most recognized healing and wellness center in Kerala that acts a space for revival of human psyche and physique through the ways of the nature.


To be the most distinguished brand of Indian origin in the arena of traditional healing and self - development.


We believe in reviving human spirit through the time proven ways of life in its unblemished form.


LEGAL FORMAT SHREE JEEVANAM AYUR VIDYA GURUKULAM LLP incorporated with Ministry of Corporate Affairs - Government of India as Limited Liability Partnership with LLP identification number AAV - 4306, will be the holding entity that will manage THRIKA and associated concerns.


Brand Name : THRIKA
Tagline : Reunite ... Rediscover
Entity : The space for Health, Learning & Sanctity
Interests : Ayurveda,Siddha Chikitsa, Kalari Chikitsa,Yoga, Pranayama, Performing Arts
Concept : Derived from the non-dualist tradition of Shaiva – Shakta Tantra
Relevance : Doctrine of the co-essentiality of the Trika or Triad (Trident concept) When the energies in the body ‘reunite’ in harmony, the human ‘rediscovers’ sublime health and blissful state of existence. This could be achieved through the various areas of interest the brand puts forth.

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