THRIKA ~ Ayurveda Retreat & Kalari
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Primary Objectives

  • Operating a self-sustainable and eco-friendly wellness centre at the proposed site practicing Classical Ayurveda, All forms of traditional medicines approved by Govt of India, Ancient martial art of Kalari, Yoga, Meditation, Performing Arts etc.
  • Setting up herbal gardens under contract farming
  • Setting up medicine manufacturing and R&D units
  • Sale of health supplements rooted in Ayurveda under Thrika brand
  • Setting up a chain of health spas and Kalari centers across India and overseas
  • Setting up a world class luxury Ayurveda resort with Kalari and organic farm in a suitable tourist center by 2025
  • Build advanced technology platform to integrate the activities and promote online e-commerce sale of the products under the brand

Secondary Objectives

  • Imparting free of cost training and education to the deserved
  • Mentoring individual talents from underprivileged environment
  • Feed the hungry, provide shelter to the needy & provide care and support to the deserving

Registered Objectives

  • To carry on the business of establishing, conducting and managing wellness centres, healing centres, Yoga, meditation centres, centres for performing arts, traditional martial arts and therapy centres, health spa, fitness and rejuvenation centres in India or elsewhere for the purpose of improving health and wellness.
  • To function as treatment centres with Inpatient care and Outpatient care by practicing various medicinal streams including ayurveda, siddha, kalari therapy and other traditional healing systems.
  • To grow, nurture and develop medicinal and aromatic plants and to procure, extract, process, prepare, purchase, export, import, sell and deal in Ayurveda Medicinal plants, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds, nuts, and fruits of medicinal value.
  • To carry on the business of manufacturing, formulating, blending, preparing, processing, purchasing, exporting, importing, selling, dealing in Ayurveda, Sidha Medicines, pharmaceutical preparations, formulations, derivatives, compounds, essences, extracts, tinctures tablets and capsules.
  • To carry on the business of establishing, running and managing scientific, clinical and fundamental Research Centres for the advancement, progress and efficacy of the Ayurveda systems and other medical disciplines.
  • To function and establish, carry on and manage Educational Institutions for Scientific and Medical studies and research, and institutions for conducting short term and long term courses in Ayurveda, Sidha,other traditional systems of medicine. and martial arts including Kalari.
  • To propagate and develop Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicines and medical treatments and to promote wellness tourism.
  • To carry on the business in India or elsewhere, on its own or in partnership with third party online aggregators, establishments, outlets, centres, stores, websites, mobile applications, software, online platforms, digital platforms.

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