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What is THRIKA?

THRIKA – The space for Health, Learning & Sanctity operated by the registered entity SHREE JEEVANAM AYUR VIDYA GURKULAM LLP is set up with the aim to take humanity back to its divinity within through the age old system of Ayurveda, Siddha tradition of Agastya lineage, Kalari Chikitsa, Yoga, Meditation, Classical Performing Arts and awareness of traditional lifestyle values prevailed in Indian subcontinent from time immemorial .

The center will focus primarily on the art of healing for the mind and body with an integrated approach to create an internal well being which transforms into external radiance, making the life force a divine one!

The space will act as the beginning and base for the wide stream of business and philanthropic activities which the registered entity will venture into over a course of time with focus on sustainability and integrity.

Areas of interest

Thrika aims at reviving and excelling at the below mentioned primary concerns of the entity.


Ayurveda (The science of life) which dates it's origin back to 5000 years is an Indian system of healing that is widely practised in the sub-continent. Ayurveda aims at prevention of diseases and attaining perfect health by maintaining a perfect balance of life. It is achieved through the right mindset, proper diet, lifestyle and the use of medicinal herbs. Considered as one of the most effective ways of treatment from time immemorial.


Considered as the Mother of all Martial Arts that originated in Kerala. Perfects the practitioner to be at one's peak of health, flexibility and vibrancy. There is also a system of treatment associated with Kalari that is widely acclaimed as a speciality of Kerala in the Western world. Also a visual treat for martial art admirers.


Yoga is the ancient Indian science designed by the ancient sages to take humans to a state of divinity through the integration of the vital energy forces within one's own self. Includes a series of mind and body practices that helps to achieve perfect harmony of mind and body.


India is considered a store house of medicinal and aromatic plants and herbs with very high medicinal value and commercial prospects. Identifying the unused land, engaging in contract farming and creating value added products is going to be a primary concern of the entity.


The wide potential of Ayurveda medicine and health supplements manufacturing will be a primary concern of the entity. Production units and R&D centers will be set up across India and the sale of productS through e Commerce platforms will be implemented. There will also be focus on exploring foreign markets for exports.


Entity will provide certified training programs for aspirants on the subjects of healing and kalari. The efforts to create a skilled workforce pool and employ them on contract basis will also be complimented with the encouragement of talents from underprivileged backgrounds deserving a platform.

The Team

Our core team is well set and expanding

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