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The word ‘Health’ denotes the perfect state of a person’s Mental or Physical Condition. The Verse from ‘Susrutha Samhitha’ (Ancient Bharatha treatise on Medicine written in Sanskrit) defines health as below.

‘Sama dosha sama agnishcha Samadhatu mala kriyaaha Prasanna atma mana indriyaha Swastha iti abhidheeyate’

[Translates into - Health is a state where the Tridosha, Agni and all the body tissues and components, all the physiological process are in perfect union and the soul, the sense organs and mind are in a state of total satisfaction]

At THRIKA we follow ‘Classical Ayurveda Treatment and Panchakarma therapies’ at its most authentic and unadulterated form, aiming at improving any form of health conditions or curing ailments. Our doctor and therapists are highly experienced and with years of professional experience.

We have a specialized section for ‘Kalari – Marma – Naadi Treatment’ which has its own uniqueness with assured curing extreme cases of Spine, Neck, Shoulder, Joints & Knee related issues among people of all ages. After careful examination of the patient, we arrive at the most suitable form of treatment for the patient which is subjective to his/her body constitution. Treatment regime is decided basis specific requirement and the duration of treatment is subjective to the condition of the patient.

It is strongly advised that the person undergoing treatment with us should strictly adhere to the guidelines on diet as per Ayurveda tradition for desired results. Any deviations will lessen the effect of the treatment.

We have a proven track record in treating the following health conditions such as, Spine care, Joint care, Arthritis, Neck and back related issues, Pain relief treatment, Disc prolapse, Knee care, Shoulder Problems, Diabetes, Digestive care, Migraine, Sinusitis, Skin related issues, Common ailments among Men, Women and Children, Other minor and major ailments etc.


The word ‘Wellness’ denotes the state of being in good health as an actively pursued goal. Our team, after detailed analysis and brainstorming, has developed the following packages to serve the wellness of mind and body of you.

The total duration of each package is subjective to the gender and body constitution of each individual and varies from 3 days to 21 days. Per day duration varies between 60 to 120 minutes depending on the therapy or kriya. It is strongly advised that the person undergoing our wellness packages should strictly adhere to the guidelines on diet as per Ayurveda tradition for desired results. Any deviations will lessen the effect of the treatment.

At THRIKA we offer the following packages.

Detoxification package

This program is to detoxify the body and to strengthen the immune system. Panchakarma (includes Vamanam, Virechanam, Nasyam, Anuvasana Vasthi and Rakthamokshanam) procedures are preceded by Snehanam and Swedanam. This is a process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of Vatha, Pitha and Kapha (Tridoshas). The package process mostly includes body massage of various types, Snehapanam, Vamanam, Nasyam, Virechanam, Sneha Vasthi, Anuvasana/Niruha Vasthi, Kashaya Vasthi, Pizhichil, Njavara Kizhi, Tharpanam, Shirovasthi, Swedanam Etc. Applicable to changes as per the differences in the body constitution of the person.

Rejuvenation package

This program helps to rejuvenate, recharge and revitalize your body and mind. This comes under the “Swastha Vritha” or Preventive program. Treatment includes rejuvenation massage by expert therapist with hand and foot using suitable herbal oils. The program includes steam bath and other special procedures to stimulate your organs. Weight reduction package This program helps to transform an obese person into perfect shape. The primary reason behind obesity is lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, pregnancy, insomnia and other metabolic disorders. Preventing obesity, once the root cause is identified, is easy with appropriate Panchakarma treatments along with other treatment like Udwarthanam, Dhanyamla Dhara,Vasthi, Veshtanam, Swedanam etc.

Stress relief package

This program offers relaxation and keeps the mind and body at ease. It includes Abhyangam or general body massages of various types, Shirodhara (Thakradhara, Ksheeradhara etc.) Narangakizhi, Njavarakizhi, etc. Skin & Beauty Care package This program is designed to cater to your external good looks. It includes herbal oil massage, herbal steam bath, face packs using freshly ground herbs, skin care, hair care, eye care and related healthy treatment to the body. This package helps you to improve the complexion, give shine and vitality to your skin, improves the tone of the body, improves blood circulation and revitalizes the skin.

We also have the following:

Package for IT & Corporate professionals

Post delivery Mother care package

Karkidaka package (Monsoon package)


Considered the Mother of all Martial Arts that originated in Kerala. It perfects the practitioner to be at one's peak of health, flexibility, vibrancy. Practicing Kalari helps one to improve basic flexibility, Immunity, core strength, muscle tone and strength, improve concentration, ability for self-defense and have a very noticeable overall personality. THRIKA KALARI is a member of Sports Kalarippayattu Association affiliated to Government of Kerala.

THRIKA KALARI is led by Shri.K.M. Vineesh Gurukkal ,who has more than 25 years of active exposure and experience in different forms of Kalari. We have been giving regular training for children, youth, men and women at our Kalari. There is also a system of treatment associated with Kalari that is widely acclaimed as a specialty of Kerala in the Western world. Visit THRIKA to learn Kalari Payattu and experience our specialized and unique Kalari Payattu sessions and therapies.

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We offer various training programs in Yoga, Meditation, Classical performing arts etc at THRIKA. Contact us for further information. We also provide tour packages with site seeing and activities to experience the local culture and heritage.

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